Lyrics for Precious Time

Words and Music, Copyright, 2016  Deborah Silverstein

Lyrics, words set to music, are stories, and all of these stories can speak for themselves.  I invite you, the listener, to bring whatever you will of yourself to them, and then my songs can begin to speak for you as well.

For many listeners, and I count myself among these, there is a curiosity for more background and context.  I believe some of these songs benefit from that additional information, which you will find in accompaniment with the lyrics.

  1. Tree of Life
  2. Precious time 
  3. Good Morning Demon
  4. Hand Me Down Love
  5. Hardest Part
  6. The Calling
  7. Draglines
  8. House of Broken Glass
  9. Blown Away
  10. Big Mystery
  11. Dust to Dust
  12. I’m Gonna Lay Your Burden Down
  13. Around the Next Bend
  14. Light a Light
  15. Clover