Lyrics for Precious Time

Words and Music, Copyright, 2016  Deborah Silverstein

Lyrics, words set to music, are stories, and all of these stories can speak for themselves.  I invite you, the listener, to bring whatever you will of yourself to them, and then my songs can begin to speak for you as well.

For many listeners, and I count myself among these, there is a curiosity for more background and context.  I believe some of these songs benefit from that additional information, which you will find in accompaniment with the lyrics.


  1. Tree of Life
  2. Precious Time 
  3. Good Morning Demon
  4. Hand Me Down Love
  5. Hardest Part
  6. The Calling
  7. Draglines
  8. House of Broken Glass
  9. Blown Away
  10. Big Mystery
  11. Dust to Dust
  12. I’m Gonna Lay Your Burden Down
  13. Around the Next Bend
  14. Light a Light
  15. Clover

The Illusionist’s Carnival
Copyright Deborah Silverstein
November, 2018

Come one come all
To the illusionist’s carnival
Where spellbinding feats of deception
Turn venom and rage
Into winning elections
Step right into the tent
To watch common sense just disappear
He’s declared open season
On wisdom and reason
Come in you’ve got nothing to fear.
(He’s a disgrace to all we hold dear
Come let’s toss the bum out on his ear)

Verse 1 
When Donald was just a boy
His father approached and said, “Son,
“You’re getting older
“You’ve got a duty to shoulder
“A career
“And I’ll buy you one.

“A doctor would look nice on our family tree
“A lawyer could protect us legally
“Or you like to eat
“You could become a cook
“Or just do what I do
“And be a crook.”

Donald said, “Dad, I’ll give it some thought
“As to who I might be, and who I am not.”
He puzzled and pondered
What might be his mission
Till one day he got it
He’d become a magician

Verse 2
It turns out Donald had aptitude
His slightness of hands was the clue
When he’d wave them and chatter
In front of his minions
They’d applaud their Mad Hatter’s
Every opinion

He started out on the low hanging fruit from the trees
Diplomas from fake universities
And he’d lure contractors
Into cushy positions
And vanish before
He paid their commission.

He built shining towers full of whistles and bells
And proclaimed his gold toilets concealed all his smells
He bought beautiful women
To dispel growing older
And all of this magic
Made him bolder and bolder.

Verse 3
At last The Don was ready to fling
His loaded dice into the POTUS ring
He figured his campaign
Would be a shoe in
When out of his hat
He pulled Vladimir Putin

His powers had reached astonishing heights
As he basked in the love of the fawning alt right
His destiny seemed to him
Clearer and clearer
When the world’s greatest statesman
Stared back in his mirror

But all magic shows one day come to an end
When the conjurer runs out of illusions to spin
Don too will discover
What all scammers know
That beneath his orange cover
He too wears no clothes