Big Mystery

It’s got a hold on me, this big mystery

It won’t let me go, I keep wanting to know

What came before

They say it all began

Before saber tooth tigers and the murky deep

Before muons and pions

Took their quantum leap

I want to  sneak a little peak

At the master plan


I guess those big black holes

With their weirdo rules

Are a sight to see

Well you can keep your eyes on

That event horizon

I’m just gonna let it be


It’s got a hold on me…


Then there’s the constant chatter

About darkish matter

Nobody can find

And simultaneity

And multiuniversities

Designed just to blow your mind


But should I get to choose

One puzzle to peruse

I’ve got my holy grain

I’ll point my magic wand

Out into that great beyond

And I’ll part that final veil


It’s got a hold on me…

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