Tree of Life

Some time ago in the ice and snow

I came into this life

I received my share of troubles to bear

And I received my share of light

Long I waded on the shore of the wild and endless sea

And I wondered if I’d sink or swim

And what would become of me


Far beyond my native hills

The horizon beckoned me

So I set out, a lone explorer

To see what I could see

I traveled through the strangest times, they spun me round and round

And I haunted many frames of mind

Before I settled down.


So choose some partners

Spin the wheel

Lose your heart or seal the deal

Grab your fate with all your might

And climb your tree of life


Well there were several states and several mates

I chanced to call my own

And it took many a year and many a tear

To find the place that I call home

Yet through the restless ramblings times, I had one clear constant star

The music and the melodies

They never left my heart


So choose some partners…


Now as I look out across the sea

Of faces gathered round

My heart swells with the memories

I’ve gathered in this town

For I have found the finest friendships

Blooming by my side

Bearing fruit, deep roots entwined

Around my tree of life.


So choose some partners…


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