Hand Me Down Love

This is dedicated to my dear husband, Jim Neely


We were not young when we met

You had a teenage son and I had two young daughters

Your boy had lost his mom

And my girls had an angry father

Just like a fairy tale of old

The Grimm variety

No recipe for peace and harmony


Hand me down your love

Hand down your love

Forever and a day I’ll take

This hand me down love

Hand me down love


And so began our brave campaign

Building our nest from broken branches

Feathers plucked from our own breast

Lining the luck of second chances

Like a storm tossed ship of old

Lost on the open sea

Seeking safe harbor in sweet company


Hand me down…


We’re all much older than that now

The kids all grown and off with their true lovers

All wearing shadows of their own

And casting their spells upon each other

Like a mythic rhyme of old

Carved into memory

Illuminating grief and Majesty


Hand me down…


Time strings its great bow

Out flies life’s sharp arrow

Its arc not ours to know

Nor be its path too broad or narrow

Like an ancient tapestry of old

Symbolled in mystery

Concealing secrets to our destiny


Hand me down….

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